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Wi-Fi Connection Sign NFC Chip Imbedded
  • Wi-Fi Connection Sign NFC Chip Imbedded

    Do you ever have friends and family over, and they all want to connect to your Wi-Fi, but you don't want to spend the time setting them up, or even sharing your password details? Well we have come up with a clever solution with our Wi-Fi Sign. This sign will allow any guest to come up and tap their phone to the sign and access your Wi-Fi network. This does not share any password details with your guest, but easily allows them to connect to your Wi-Fi. This is especially useful for Air BnB owners to securely allow guest to connect to their network as well! Customizable in over 1000 combinations, you can change this sign to fit the mood of any room, or home. These signs are very secure, your phone cannot be any further than 3" away for them to work. 

    We offer this in pre-programmed sign where we setup the NFC chip data for you. Or, we can provide easy instructions with a video link on how to setup this sign in the privacy of your own home. Please rest assured that if you share the network details with us, we will keep those details private and destroy the records of it when the setup is complete before shipment. If you would like us to set this up for you, please add the specific network name and password in the personalization window. It is VERY important that everything is spelling right, and capitalized correctly.


    Top Color: This is the color of the Text, Arrow, and Wi-Fi Logo


    Bottom  Color: This is the main color of the background of the sign


    Sign is securely attached with 3M double sided tape.


    Sign Measures 4.625" wide x 2.75" tall x .339" thick

      $10.00 Regular Price
      $8.00Sale Price