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  • I need my order quicker, can you help?
    Yes absolutely. Either before of after you place your order, please send us a message or a email with your order number, and when you need it by. We will message you back and let you know exactly what we can do for you. We haven't missed a deadline before and do not plan to any time soon! Please also note that you will need to choose the proper shipping method. I would suggest priority mail, as that is typically 2-3 days transit time. However if we need to do an overnight label, we will, and we can just bill you for the difference.
  • How long until my order ships?
    Typically our processing times are 5 to 7 days for any order that does not have a hand painted item. If you do have a hand painted item on your order, you can expect an additional 2 to 3 days to be added to the lead time. This is due to us allowing the proper dry times between paint coats and overall curing time.
  • What happens if something arrives damaged, and I stuck with it?
    Absolutely not! We insure all of our packages, and would never expect anyone to be stuck with something broken. We take every measure we can to insure everything arrives safely. This includes using 200lb crush strength boxes, packing paper, and all of the right material to get it to you safe. However, there are times that the shipper is extremely rough with the package, which is out of our control. When that happens please message or email us with your order number, what was damaged, and a picture of the damage. We will make your replacements at no cost, and expedite that order to you.
  • Do you price match? I found the same thing cheaper else where.
    Yes we do, just shoot us a message with the link to the listing you'd like, and we will price match!
  • Do you offer custom prints, or design work?
    Yep we do, and those are some of our favorite things to do! Just message or email us your project, or design idea, and we will bring it to life. We have over 17 years of AutoCAD, Solid Works, Blender, and Inventor experience.
  • Do you offer bulk pricing?
    Absolutely we do! Whether you have a party, event, looking for wholesale, or a company project, we can help!
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