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Dr. Squatch Soap Dish / Cold Press Soap Dish
  • Dr. Squatch Soap Dish / Cold Press Soap Dish

    Our family has recently switched to cold press soaps, and because of the unique size of the bars, it was near impossible to find a soap dish that would work correctly. So, we made our own! Introducing the Dr. Squatch Soap Dish, completely compatible will all of their soaps. Additionally this will work with a bunch of other different cold press soaps, or square bars! The biggest enemy to your soap is standing water. We have designed our dishes to keep your soaps high, and dry.  We've incorporated water shedding channels that allow your soaps to air dry naturally.  What best yet, is that we have this in two different designs. We have our normal dish that will sit perfectly flat on any horizontal surface. We also have our wall mount that boasts our extremely strong and secure 3M marine grade tape!

    Soap Dish Outside Dimensions: 100mm X 92mm X 19.05mm ( 3.94in X 3.62in X .75in )

    Soap Dish Inside Dimensions: 81.75mm X 81.75mm  ( 3.22in X 3.22in )


    Pictures in our Marbled White

      $11.50 Regular Price
      $9.20Sale Price