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Trumptopus Undead
  • Trumptopus Undead

    Our newest high def print, the Trumptopus (Undead). We are very happy to finally bring this to everyone, after weeks of development and improvement. This is truly a one of a kind design that will make an amazing desk piece, or gift that will get people talking. These are ran on our 8k high resolution prints, and are primed, and pained in the color of your choice. Let your desk or gift stand out from the crowed!


    This is pictured in our Black Base, and Dusted Metallic SIlver


    Our prints are designed to look at you. A common way to get around design flaws is to have the print look up and away. This ultimately changes the angle and overhangs. We design all of our prints to look directly at you. We have design implementations and printing techniques that allows us to accomplish this. This gives all of our prints the ultimate finish, and function.

      $7.20 Regular Price
      $5.76Sale Price