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The Dick Hitch  *Custom Colors*
  • The Dick Hitch *Custom Colors*

    Introducing our Dick Hitch! Do you have a loved one, friend, boss, co worker, or foe that you'd like to give the ultimate prank to? This is definitely it! Our Dick Hitch is made from high quality 3D printed material and does not require any hitch pins to be mounted. Simply slide it in, and its ready to go! Our Dick Hitch is made to fit standard 2" receivers without any issue. Once its in, it is locked in and will stay there until purposefully removed. We can however make custom sizes if your does not have the standard. Offered in our over 50 different color offerings, you can really make this gift pop against whomever is receiving it's vehicle. This penis hitch cover or dick hitch will be the prank never forgotten. Imagine the shock as your prank victim realizes they've been driving around all day, week or month with this thing on their vehicle. Priceless right? We totally agree. 

    We are now offering this in two styles! Please note picture number 3 for information.

    Our Quick Install: This method will require no hardware to install. This will slip in, and allow the tension tabs to hold it in the receiver. This is our most popular method as it allows for no extra hardware to be needed during install. This method is installed securely in seconds.

    Our Hardware Install: This will come with a hole instead of our tension tabs. This will allow you to use existing an trailer pins and cotter pins to mount to your receiver. 

    As always we are here printing around the clock, if you happen to have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to message us!

    Please note that both GITD (Glow In The Dark) colors are a translucent white in normal light, but glow their color brightly in the dark.

      $19.50 Regular Price
      $15.60Sale Price