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Soap Dish V2
  • Soap Dish V2

    Our newest soap dish / sponge storage  design, which is a starting point for an entire new line of home goods we are designing. This is our Version 2 Soap Dish! This design is a simple single piece design that will keep your bar soap high and dry. Having your soap sit in a tub of water some call a soap dish is very unsanitary, and will cut your bar soap life span in nearly half! Our design elevates your bar soap above any water shed, leaving your soap clean and dry for the next use! The perfect addition to your shower, sink, or counter top!


    Soap Dish Outside Dimensions: 122mm X 78.5mm X 19.17mm ( 4.80in X 3.09in X .75in )

    Soap Dish Inside Dimensions: 103mm X 57mm  ( 4.05in X 2.25in )


    Pictured in our Atomic Fireball

      $11.00 Regular Price
      $8.80Sale Price