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Skull Keychain
  • Skull Keychain

    Flexi Factories newest offering, the Skull Key Chain! This clever design has a surprised face skull, and spine! We are offering this in 3 different lengths. A long (2.820"), Medium (2.438") and a short (2.057") from the top of the head, to the base of the spine. Offered in over 50 different colors, this is one of the coolest key chains I've seen in person. 


    Do you have an event you'd like to use these for? We will offer bulk pricing, feel free to message us and see what we can do for you!


    Pictured in our Atomic Fireball


    As always we are here printing around the clock, if you happen to have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to message us!


    Please note that both GITD (Glow In The Dark) colors are a translucent white in normal light, but glow their color brightly in the dark.

      $4.50 Regular Price
      $3.60Sale Price