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Lego Compatible Outlet Cover Plate
  • Lego Compatible Outlet Cover Plate

    UPDATED! We've updated our design to incorporate more Lego posts, to expand your creativity! Please note our intended design is for Legos to fit snugly onto our outlet cover plates. This will help eliminate any Legos falling off when they're accidentally brushed when walking by.

    We've also added additional support structures to the back side of the plate to add strength. These are extremely stout and strong.


    Our Lego outlet cover plate is an amazing way to customize a room. Not only can you use this plate and attach little Lego pieces of your own, but you can customize your colors! As always we offer the best 3D prints available, and the most color options.  Quality and fitment are our number one priority.

      $6.25 Regular Price
      $5.00Sale Price