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Fidget Pumpkinpus Pumpkin Octopus
  • Fidget Pumpkinpus Pumpkin Octopus

    After multiple requests we have added our cute Pumpkin Octopus (Pumpkinpus)! This is becoming one of our favorite fidget octopus custom prints! We are offering this in both a removeable lid, and attached lid. We have had some complaints about the lid easily being lost, so to solve that we have created a design that will incorporate the lid that is full attached and not removeable. Simple add "YES" in the "Add Personalization" section, and we will make sure the lid is removable! Please note that by default the lid will be permanently attached. As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


    The best quality 3D prints, Period. 


    Medium sized at 4.875 inches diameter. 

      $7.00 Regular Price
      $5.60Sale Price