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Cute UwU Marshmallow with Display Stand
  • Cute UwU Marshmallow with Display Stand

    Don't eat these marshmallows, they're too cute! Really these aren't edible, but they are adorable! Our UwU Marshmallows come with their very own display stand, and you can customize the color of the two marshmallows! This display looks amazing on desks, or around gaming areas. Extremely cute, and fun to play with. The Marshmallows come off of the stand, and can be moved around!

    Overall Stand Height: 6.29" (160MM)
    Overall Marshmallow Height: 1.58" (40MM)


    Please Note: All marshmallow UwU faces will be painted. If black will be too dark on the color you selected we will paint them white. You can message us what you'd like done as well, but that is what we will do by default.

      $14.00 Regular Price
      $11.20Sale Price