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Articulated Squirrel Flexi Factory
  • Articulated Squirrel Flexi Factory

    NEW!!!! Added our Glow In The Dark Colors! All glow in the dark colors are a translucent white when not in the dark.


    The newest model from Flexi Factory, the Articulated Squirrel! The tail, and legs on this model move around effortlessly. An extremely cute design that would make an amazing gift for anyone! Available in our over 40 different colors, you can truly make this gift stand our, or make it your own. We strive to have the best print quality products available on the web. our prints are zit (blobs), stringing, and layer shifting free. We do not send out any prints that are not as good as our product pictures. Quality is our number one goal.


    Pictured in our Blue/Raspberry

      $5.50 Regular Price
      $4.40Sale Price