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Articulated Armadillo Lizard *High Definition* Custom Colors
  • Articulated Armadillo Lizard *High Definition* Custom Colors

    * Our newest color, Cosmic, has been added. This is our most dramatic color shifting paint yet!*

    The Armadillo Lizards is one of our newest prints, and offers great articulation and fluid movements. Like our Spiked Lizard, this lizards will feel extremely life like as you play and move him around. All of our lizards are printed at 8k definition, and then hand painted to achieve our colors. All paints are automotive grade paints, and are extremely strong and resilient. Because of your manufacturing process, you will never see a single layer line, or manufacturing flaw as with other shops designs.
    Overall Length: 6"

    Pictured in our Cosmic, Pearl Bronze, and our Gold to Green

    Our Color Changing Paint is Gold/Orange/Purple/ and Red. As the print turns it will change hues of color.

    All of our candy colors start with a high metallic base, and then are over coated with a translucent color. This give the paint an amazing look in all light conditions.

      $10.20 Regular Price
      $8.16Sale Price