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Baby Crystal Articulated Dragon *High Definition* Custom Colors
  • Baby Crystal Articulated Dragon *High Definition* Custom Colors

    NEW!!!! Added our Glow In The Dark Colors! All glow in the dark colors are a translucent white when not in the dark.

    The new Baby Crystal Dragon!

    We have partnered with another talented designer, and after many requests to bring the Baby Crystal Articulated Dragon to our store. This is an absolutely amazing Flexi-Dragon, with a stunning design and amazing mobility. We offer the dragon in all of our color ranges, so you can truly make it your own. The dragons are extremely flexible and are a great desk companion or toy!

    Dragon measures: 8.5"

    Pictured in our Galaxy color

    All of our prints are steam cleaned and thoroughly dried before shipment. This not only sanitizes the product, but it also creates a better finish. Quality is our number one focus, we make sure that all of our prints have little to no flaws before they are shipped.

      $15.05 Regular Price
      $12.04Sale Price